Maybe it’s still too early to go shopping for storage bins?

Don’t blame Marie Kondo — the The Container Store is an ancient problem. Photo by the author.

I was in the middle of reading Euripides’s tragedy The Bacchae the other day — the Emily Wilson translation, with its remarkable fluidity, like “a filly running / beside her mother in the pasture” — when I had to…

My backup — articles, transcripts, books and CDs — for magazine assignments, 2007–2009

In 2008 I had an assignment from The New York Times Magazine to write a profile of the charismatic Christian star and multi-platform prosperity preacher Paula White — at the time she had a national following in the brash, Botoxed world of the Trinity Broadcasting Network and for her popular…

Benjamin Anastas

Novelist and author of a memoir. Teaches literature and writing at Bennington College; also writes essays, literary journalism, and book reviews.

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